Beautiful misunderstanding

Today Bo fell asleep on my lap in the living room. I reminded Finn and Rhys to stay quiet while they were near Bo, and a minute later Finn began asking our Google Home to play a song. I immediately shooshed him, directing him to the other speakers in our house.

Surprisingly he kept at it. He got closer to the speaker and tried whispering, but I interrupted him a couple times, assuming he was ignoring me pleads. I was confused and frustrated. I grabbed his shoulder and asked him what was going on? He sheepishly replied that he was putting on a lullaby for Bo and I. I became instantly ashamed for getting frustrated so quickly.

I apologized and told him I thought he was ignoring me. And he said “Yeah at first I was going to play something for me, but then I thought of you and Bo.” He and Rhys wandered upstairs as I sat basking in the beautiful music and thoughtfulness my son had for me and his brother. It was the highlight of my day.

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