Rhys the problem solver

We got a new Luca the spider stuffy, and Rhys was so excited about it. He had been waiting for days and days, which felt like a million years for him. He opened it and shared with everyone that he finally got it! Bow came running over and immediately grabbed for it. Rhys will often try to reason with Bow, or get him distracted, before Rhys gives up and hands over what he was playing with to Bow. When I try to step in and get Bow to redirect, Rhys insists on giving his toy to Bow, because seeing and hearing Bow upset is harder for Rhys to handle.

Rhys gave Bow the stuffy, and then started coming up with ideas for how they could play together. First Rhys said he will only play with Bow if he gets to control the spider, which Bow objected to. There was a few more back and forth, and My attention got drawn to Finn for a bit. Soon Rhys was at the table crafting something out of puff balls and tape. After a while I realized that Rhys and Bow were happily playing together. I peeked into the living room and saw that Bow had the little puff ball creation Rhys was just making. He was buzzing around with it. Turns out Rhys had the idea to make Bow a fly stuffy to play with Luca! Luca has a fly friend in the show.

The gratitude for this lifestyle filled up my heart instantly. Our boys are learning so much just by living together. And loving each other. ❤️

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