Happy New Year!

Wow, 2021. It blows my mind that Rhys turned 6, the age Finn was when we moved back into this house from the apartment. Wow!

I am so grateful to be here and see my kids grow up and into themselves.

This past year Bo came alive with this communication and his desire to pay Ruth Finn and Rhys. He now completes the trio. He still loves watching “cars” on YouTube, playing with cars and trains, building cars and trains…. Anything with wheels he gravitates to. He also loves to sing and play pretend on his own. He has a big heart for his family, often bringing everyone chocolate.

Rhys is the most enthusiastic about our new gerbils. He plays with them and keeps clean the cage…. He even planned out Christmas gifts for them! We made them almond flour biscuits. Rhys loves playing games and watching videos with Finn. He has learned how to be a friend to Bo, which was a rocky start at first. Bo is always asking to play with Rhys, and they will play everyday together. Rhys also continues to love getting his hands on materials and play around with them to see what he can make them do. This fall we got clay and he loves playing and making sculptures from it.

Finn has enjoyed all sorts of new games and YouTubers. Both Finn and Rhys were big into Mario for quite awhile, including Mario Maker 2, where they make their own levels and worlds. He was also into FNAF, a horror game whose appeal lasted most of the year. Right now he is into GMod, and finding trollge mod packs. He made a couple games on Scratch, and also made up his own franchise with stuffies as characters! The franchise is called Buns Burgers, and Finn and Rhys film commercials for Buns Burgers. It is so fun to watch them play!

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