Sand in the sunroom

Least night Bo was up late and wanted to play in the sand outside. We did for a couple minutes, but I soon grew impatient with playing with his excavator in the dark.

I suddenly remembered a bag of kinetic sand we had, unopened. I ran in and set it up in the sun room for us to play with. We ended up playing for close to 3 hours, mostly dumping and refilling his dump trucks. It reminded me of Finn and Rhys’ truck days.

Today Rhys found the kinetic sand, and soon came up with the idea of throwing balls of the sand up in the fan to see if he could get the blades to chop up the ball. Finn got in on the game, and soon we had three kids tossing up kinetic sand, which quickly covered the floor and surfaces. They were having an absolute ball. Michael and I were doing our best not to intervene.

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