Bo has started playing Minecraft and he loves exploring! Yesterday Finn and Rhys joined him. They watched him for a while, and enthusiastically showed Bo how to build a small house and make a chicken farm. Finn went to inventory and sounded out and typed the beginning letters of the items he was looking for, a first for him, via spelling and word comprehension.

I was silently giddy with excitement, seeing him apply his new reading knowledge in the real world. As I watched from the sofa, a deeper, slower joy started taking hold: I saw the whole picture of all three brothers, excitedly working together. I saw Finn drop his beliefs about needing to play in survival mode, and enjoy the process of teaching Bo something new. I saw Rhys excitedly explain the details of why a chicken farm is so cool, and watched Bo soak in the shower of attention from his doting brothers.

These moments are always available, if we make the effort to see.

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