The festivities turned out better than I expected! Up until a couple days ago we hadn’t done much decorating. I tried to get the party going a couple times, but they weren’t interested, and neither was I if it meant I decorated alone.

Before our jog on Friday, Finn got inspired to decorate outside. He made our garden bed into a cemetery, and we made an plan to put the candy bowl in there, along with a scary witch that howls when you get close. Rhys came up with an idea for the sign:”Treats in cemetery… Take 1 or 2…if you dare!”

We gathered costumes around 5 pm, and Finn was so excited to be an Among Us crewmate! We played an impromptu round of Among Us in the house, with Rhys as Godzilla and Bo as a shark for a moment. It was hilarious.

We finally set out with masks on and candy bags in hand. Bo decided to go as the color “red” to match Finn. There were tables out, as well as people handing out candy. So many people were excited to see kids out and about. Finn wanted to stay out a little longer, so he and I did a couple more houses. He said he needed to get more candy so he could test them all. We both had the idea to write down and rank all the types of candy. When we got home he diligently got out paper and pen and we got to work. Finn and Rhys ranked them with percentages. After a big taste test, they went downstairs to watch Paddington Bear and eat mac and cheese. It was a really nice Halloween.

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