Happy Birthday Rhys

We had a slow easy going day. I felt annoyed at myself for not having decorations and gifts ready for him in the morning. “It’s okay” he said,”you can wrap them now!” I started to prep when he decided he’d rather just open the shipping boxes instead.

We got him small and medium sized figures of Godzilla and King Kong characters; the boys immediately brought them down to play together on the ping pong table.

Later in the afternoon we went to the silver playground, then came home and took turns hitting or punching the video game controller Pinata. After we dug into a delicious meal of Fettuccine Alfredo and cake with candles for everyone. They all wanted to put on their own toppings; Rhys was too excited to eat before sprinkles. Lighting the candles led to melting crayons in a metal bowl, to which the boys were ecstatic about.

It was such a wonderful experience for me to slow down and watch how the small things made Rhys happy today. In the past, when I would try to have things more polished and proper, Rhys would get overwhelmed by the attention. I remember him not wanting us to sing happy birthday, but this year he welcomed it a couple times ❤️.

Throughout the day I gave him little squeezes and said wow your first day of being six! He responded “yeah I feel really special, I don’t know how but I feel like things are different.”. Our baby Rhys is now six. ❤️

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