Fruit fun

Today I gathered a few melons, oranges and grapefruits for some process fun. Rhys *really* likes to destroy things. He loves a chance at breaking open a melon apart with tools or by throwing it high for an impactful landing. Bo will always follow what Rhys does when it involves mess.

We took our fruits to the deck and the two of them immediately got to work. Rhys tried throwing the melons up for awhile, and proceeded with stomping on the battered fruit until it split open. Bo did the same, but soon tried his hand at stabbing oranges with the screwdriver. He made a “happy face” with poked in eyes and a mouth hole.

Rhys wanted to scoop out the insides of the melon to make a helmet. He decided it would be more fun to smash it with a hammer instead. The whole ordeal lasted about 10 minutes. I think they could have demolished fruit for hours if we had a giant mound of fruit to spare.

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